Cornering Technique

Cornering Technique

Cornering when cycling can be quite tricky because the biker only has two wheels and they depend on that forward motion to maintain their balance. It is also the point where many riders lose a lot of precious time. The best way to make a turn on a corner is by making sure that you begin making the turn on the outside of the road. If you are traveling at high speed, you will need to reduce your speed by braking slowly. Abrupt and immediate breaking can cause loss of balance and result in an ugly accident.

Use Your Body

If you are turning right, position yourself as far left as possible, start raising the right pedal and change to the lower gears. This way it is possible to control your speed and assist in picking it up after the turn. Even if you position yourself on the far opposite end of the bike, always maintain your position on the road as much as possible. If you are on some sort of rough road, place the outside pedal down and lean on it. This will enable you to keep your traction without getting off balance.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

As a safety tip, you should always focus on where you are going. Keep your eyes directly on the road, where you are heading. If you lose focus and look at where you do not want to go, you will most likely lose your balance which is a recipe for disaster. When you have completed the turn, you can now start accelerating gently depending on the next step of your journey.