Cycling Tour Bingo

Cycling Tour Bingo

Have you ever heard of cycling bingo? It’s a great way to keep you and friends occupied when watching a long cycling tour, such as Tour de France or the Grand Depart. It basically involves you creating your own bingo card with common phrases that you might hear the commentator say, phrases such as ‘dancing on the pedals’, or ‘he’s the smallest rider in the race’. Read on for our top tips on creating your own bingo card.

How many players will there be?

Before you start you will need to think about how many players there will be. This is because you will need to ensure that there is enough variety to make sure that only one person wins. You will also need to think carefully about what size that you want your bingo grid to be, it needs to be big enough to provide a challenge but not so big that it becomes boring trying to tick everything off.

Practice on your own

One of the best ways to learn about winning patterns is to practice playing bingo on your own. You can do this online, play some games to help you find winning patterns that work for you, that you think will keep friends entertained. For instance, do you think they would prefer single line bingo where they have to tick off an entire line to win or do you think four-corners bingo might be more appropriate? You can get some ideas for winning patterns at Bingo Bonus Offers if you need further inspiration.

Creating Tickets

You can use a simple spreadsheet program to create your own tickets, it is easy to create a grid layout in this program. Once you have printed them out check through them and make sure they are all different from each other and that each phrase appears at random on each ticket. We’ll leave choosing the prizes up to you, remember to have fun.